Facebook Insights in Data Studio: total reach of posts and engagement rate metric for several months

I have some issues with the Facebook connector to Data Studio: 

  1. I can't see the engagement rate for several months, only per month.

  2. When I started using Supermetrics for Facebook in December, I was able to see the "Total reach of posts" over several months. Now, suddenly, this is not possible anymore. Moreso, for the month March, I can't even see the metric for this month. Only for 1 week. 

  3. I can't see the metric "total likes on posts" or "total shares on posts" over a month, for example. When I want to know this number, I need to calculate it manually. Is there another way? 
Can someone please help? 


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your message. Some Facebook metrics have been changed since end of last year, as FB has made changes to their API.

    1. Engagement rate is only available on daily, weekly or monthly level. Those are the only available time periods. See Facebook API reference, search for engagement.
    2. Total reach of posts is best used in a table chart, where you're able to split by a date dimension, for example Month. Just tested it, seems to work well for Feb + March.
    3. Likes on post can be found under post actions, but it needs to be split by a post level dimension. Use a summary row for a total number.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

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