Data Studios for Facebook - Creative Name & ID

In lieu of being able to pull images from the Facebook API into a data studio report, I have created a table that identifies the highest performing creative by Creative Name or Creative ID.

Is it possible to use the information in this field to manually identify the corresponding creative? For example, the particular report is for a number of campaigns running similar creative but I want to find out the top 3 performing creatives for a given month. I can identify the Creative Name or ID, but how do I translate that into real information / Facebook friendly information? How do I use it to actually identify which creative that is?

  • Hi Cassia,

    if I understood you correctly, did you mean that you'd like to fetch also results that would let you visit those particular ad creatives? If yes, I'd suggest using "link to post" as one of your dimensions.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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