Get an AVERAGE in aggregated data?

Hi I am trialling data connector to analytics to see if it can do what I need. 

I have anywhere up to 93 views in analytics that i need to group report - but some of the data needs to show AVERAGES across those accounts - such as avg sessions

avg goal completions.

Is there are way to do this without having to count the views and set up calculated field ? 

I tried making a copy of the sessions field and changing the aggregation column to average but that didnt work. 

  • Hi,

    thanks for your interest in Supermetrics!

    There are quite many Avg fields available, and fields like Goal conversion rate but I guess those will not cut it in your case. To our knowledge, these averages don't exist by default in the Analytics Reporting API. If you find them, please link this info to us and we'll add the field. 

    You could create a calculated field within Data Studio with for example Goal Completions all / Sessions. Please read more on calculated fields in Data Studio instructions.


    Supermetrics team

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  • HI! 

    I actually sorted my issue - In case someone else has same here is my results. 

    What I have is a lot of sites for outlets across Australia and i want to compare the traffic across states  - some states have 100 sites, some only 30 so to get a better comparison of performance I need the charts to show average users for each state. (users/number of sites being tracked) 

    I achieved this by having a data source for each state with all the sites for that state selected.

    Then I created a calculated field called average users with formula :

    Users /COUNT_DISTINCT(View ID)

    I could have written the formula as simple as users/45 or whatever the number of views I had added but as I will be adding and deleting views as sites come in and out of the programme I didnt want to have to count them and change the number everytime - the formula i created does that for me now :) 

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