Facebook Ads Data not Pulling In

The Facebook ads data is not pulling in.

I have deleted the connector and started over

deleted the copied board 3 times

deleted data import 3 times

refreshed a bunch and nothing

I have built 100's of boards.

What would you do next?

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  • I've been having this issue all day. The Supermetrics sidebar isn't even launching anymore.   

  • Hi,

    I wanted to check back on the license part of this. I see there is a Google Sheets license for the email this forum post was created under, but it's never been used yet. So that looks like something isn't set right (wrong user ID on the license, wrong user ID to log into Sheets, or the account data hasn't been refreshed yet).

    If it's the wrong ID on the license, you can change that via the account management link. 

    Where can I find my Account Management page?

    If it's just non-updated account data, you can follow the instructions in step #3 of this to refresh that.

    Upgrade trial/free license to paid subscription

    -Thank you 

    Supemetrics Team

  • Hi, I just did all of that. I'm pretty sure everything is correct. Not sure why it would say it's never been used. It's used daily. 

  • @Curtis - My response was for the original poster, not you (replies don't show in the case). Please submit a private ticket for your issue. It unrelated to what the original poster had for an issue as they were actually talking about Data Studio, so we should investigate your problem separately.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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