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Magento connector?

Hello all,

do you offer Magento as an connector as well?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Stefan,

We have Magento in the development pipeline, but as it is in the early stages, I don't have an estimate yet of when it would be ready. Probably something for much later in the year, if I were to give a guess-timate.

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team

I would be very keen to see this please, especially with Magento 2!

In the meantime, is any other method outside of a direct connector to be able to pullĀ  Magento 2 data at all please?

Thanks Sam

Hi Sam,

Google offers some more generic connectors that may help with this if you can get the Magento data into a CSV-formatted file, a Google Sheet, or a database like MySQL/SQL server. For Data Studio, we sadly don't offer the CSV/JSON connector that we have for Sheets, which is another alternative method if the data source's API output is JSON-formatted.

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team

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