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Supermetrics Functions Yahoo Gemini Account List

 Hi I'm trying to recover the list of all accounts but in Yahoo Gemini the answer it cant be parsed by the macro... When i use a Gemini token the answer is the following and looks like a Json array:

{"status":"success","results":[{"ID":****,"name":"DirecTV Chile Native Ads (id: ***)"},{"ID":1507583,"name":"IMS Areg- Direct TV (id: ***)"},{"ID":***"}],"notes":[]}

But when I use another token the answer looks like this:

SUCCESS`--^--^--^--^--^--^Plaza Vea (act_1**********2)^Natura Cosméticos (act_111************32)

which is in the correct format for the macro to analyse.

How can I manage to fix the problem?

Thanks a lot


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