Missing FB Metrics for Data Studio Connector with "Ad Data + Google Analytics"

Google Data Studio seems to be having recent System Errors with Google Sheets and we're looking to set up our Data Studio Scorecards using the Data Studio Connector: Ad Data + Google Analytics.  

From the looks of it, this connector pre-aggregates basic cross-channel metrics. However, the only pitfall of this connector appears to be the lack of metrics we can pull from Facebook.

Ultimately, we need to be able to add Facebook Lead (Form) Conversions to all conversion-based metrics (e.g. Cost/Conversion, Conversion Rate, etc). Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a way to add this metric to this specific connector, only the Facebook Ad Connector. Is this possible? If not, how far along on the roadmap is this? If it's not on your roadmap, do you recommend some sort of custom formula be created on the side of Data Studio, assuming it's possible to add this metric to the Ad Data + Google Analytics connector?

It looks the other alternative here would be for us to pull-off some Google Sheets magic to correctly aggregate our paid media channels they way we want without using the Ad Data + Google Analytics connector... which brings us back to square one, our system error issues (along with some other annoying WoW, and MoM data dimension limitations - the connector also seems to solve this).

We're currently paying $200/month to a competitor of yours and our scorecards aren't working at the moment. We'd be pretty eager to pull the trigger on a new solution, like Supermetrics, assuming it meets our needs.



  • Hi Alec,

    we're not aware of the system errors in Google Sheets that you're referring to. Could you please elaborate this a little bit?

    We have purposefully chosen only certain metrics and dimensions for our Ad Data + Google Analytics connector to ensure that you can pull all of them from each data source that it connects with. Unfortunately it's not likely that we'll add lead metrics (or similar metrics) in to it as those do not exist in other ad networks and thus would end up in errors if you're logged in with any of them in this connector.

    Please note that you can use our dedicated Facebook Ads connector to pull in lead metrics among many others. Our aim is to have all the metrics and dimensions available for all data sources that we connect with, but with the data blending connectors, we aim for maximum compatibility.

    In this case, our Google Sheets product would indeed be the one to go with and we'd like to hear exactly what type of issue have you had with it. (please send us private tickets about them so we can ask for screenshots and/or permissions to your file securely).

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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