User-Selected Field in CallRail via JSON/CSV Connector


I've used the JSON/CSV Connector successfully to pull data from CallRail into Google Sheets for months now. However, CallRai's API (documentation here: describes the ability to pull in multiple user-selected fields (see section: Field Selection). When I create a query that includes multiple user-selected fields through a service like Postman, the data is returned without a problem. When I use the same query info through Supermetrics, it returns information on only the first of the fields I've selected. Screenshot below


Is this an issue related to something I've done or something caused by Supermetrics' configuration?

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  • Having the same exact issue plus one more: the selector fields=tags returns nothing

  • Same problem here

  • I have the answer! From Supermetrics support:

    "The problem with getting multiple fields is an issue we are aware of - it's because there's improper handling of the comma needed for the multiple field selection. You need to HTML encode it and then the JSON connector should then parse it correctly. So anywhere you need the comma, use %2C instead."

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  • That makes so much sense! Thanks, Gregory!

  • Brilliant. Thanks Gregory!

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