Facebook ads - cannot connect data with Datastudio

Hi guys.

I have bought the license of Facebook ads, term 1 month, but I can not connect the Ads data in my Facebook ads account with my Datastudio.

Please help me.


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  • Hi Thành,

    Please delete and recreate the data source as it appears to have an issue.

    With the template open in edit mode, click Resource->Manage added data sources.  Click remove on the Facebook Ads data source. Then click "Add a data source" to go to the connector selection page. Find under "Community Connectors" the one you were using. Highlight it and 3 dots should appear next to it. Click on that and click Remove.

    Now the connector should be totally removed. Search again for the connector to re-add it. It will have you go through the authentication and configuration process again for the connector. Continue through the process to set your accounts and save the data source.

    Once the connection and data source is set, you can go back to the template and update the Data Source field for the scorecards and graphs to the updated one you just created and hopefully the errors are gone.

    If you run into other errors or issues during any of the above steps, please let us know.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

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