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Problem with a personalised Case Statement in Data Studio

Hi there, 

we got a problem with a personalised case statement. In a Datastudio-Report, we try to sum up two variables imported from Facebook.

Somehow, when one of the variable is 0 (or "null"), in our Report there is displayed "null", even if the other variable has data. We tried to fix that problem with a case statement but Datastudio tells us that the formula is invalid.


Here you can see a screenshot of our formula. Could you please help us?

Hi Giuseppe,

thanks for your question.

This is a questions for Google forums, as we're not in charge of the calculated field functions.


Supermetrics team

Hi Heidi,

thanks for reply, ok you're right but the problem is that the Supermetrics Facebook connector show the value "null" instead of "0" (zero). This is a problem because with the "null" value the calculated field functions doesn't working (!)




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