Problem with a personalised Case Statement in Data Studio

Hi there, 

we got a problem with a personalised case statement. In a Datastudio-Report, we try to sum up two variables imported from Facebook.

Somehow, when one of the variable is 0 (or "null"), in our Report there is displayed "null", even if the other variable has data. We tried to fix that problem with a case statement but Datastudio tells us that the formula is invalid.


Here you can see a screenshot of our formula. Could you please help us?

  • Hi Giuseppe,

    thanks for your question.

    This is a questions for Google forums, as we're not in charge of the calculated field functions.


    Supermetrics team

  • Hi Heidi,

    thanks for reply, ok you're right but the problem is that the Supermetrics Facebook connector show the value "null" instead of "0" (zero). This is a problem because with the "null" value the calculated field functions doesn't working (!)




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