Hourly Refresh triggers at different "minutes" every hour


I have the Super Pro subscription and have set up hourly refresh of a really small query against Adobe Omniture. It is only supposed to gather "Todays Visits per Hour", so really nothing big.

However, the refresh seem to trigger at different times for each hour. For example, sometimes the trigger happens at 15.25 and the next hour it triggers 16.45. I can't see any pattern from day to day either.

This is troubling since I rely on other services to transfer the updated file to a FTP-server. If the timing for the refresh isn't consistent the transfer will sometimes fail since the file hasn't been updated at the time of transfer.

How can I make sure that the hourly refresh happens at a specific time or at least intervall? All in all I need to be sure that it's done after XX.20 and before XX.45 each hour.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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