YouTube Views in Analytics

When we need to see, how many paid views our Video campaigns had, we can find the metric i GA, but when we need to put it into our sheets I can't find the metric on the list. 

We have ad impressions, but we also need to have ad views on these campaigns, but what is the metric called in Supermetric, when we get the query from GA?

  • Hi,

    from the looks of it, there's no such metric available in Google Analytics API. As you are more familiar with the missing item, please visit our support documentation for missing metrics / dimensions to find instructions on how to see if it has come available.

    If you manage to find the missing metric or dimension, please post a link to that site in to this ticket. We'll let our development team know of it and they will contact you once it's added to Supermetrics. Please note that fitting the missing metric/dimension to data source connector may take some time. We appreciate your help with this.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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