Data Studio - Supermetrics cost


I have a client who wants to license your SM for Data Studio - after we researched it I said the $99/mth USD would do the job. The client scrolled down the Pricing page and came to the conclusion he has to buy all the various connectors as well.

He asked if I would find out so I would appreciate a reply so he will have his answer "from the source".

By the way I have another client with the SM - Sheets product and I love it and looking forward to playing with the Data Studio product.



  • Hi Dave,

    No problem! The individual connector list is only for the "Individual connector" license level for people who just need to buy one or two connectors (as it's cheaper that way for them). If you get the $99/mth Pro-level package, all connectors (except Adform, Adobe Analytics, and DoubleClick) are automatically included.

    Please let us know if anything else needs clarification.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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