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ID do erro: 9bcd290a

Detalhes do erro

Ocorreu um erro na solicitação dos dados do conector da comunidade. Se o problema persistir, informe-o ao fornecedor do conector.

ID do erro: 9bcd290a

Os dados não são importados do Facebook.

Como resolver isso?

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Hi Reinaldo,

Thanks for your message. Sorry about the error.

Unfortunately we only have service in English at the moment.

If I understood the translation correctly, these instructions may help you:

Please try re-authenticating the connector by force-adding the account again to refresh the connector settings. This action often helps in cases like this. 
See this guide with step-by-step instructions of how to do this:

After the authentication, check the accounts/pages you've chosen for the report. 

Best regards,

Heidi Virta

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

Support forum:

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