Facebook connecteur always bugged


we have problems with your connector every day. This is very problematic because we sell dashboards to our customers. Is the product still in BETA? How can he not be stable?

We need a quick answer.





  • Hi Yoan,

    My suspicion is that you're exceeding your request quota with Facebook, as the error is generic and appearing to hit multiple elements in the reports. I checked with our usage tracking tool against the account you filed this request with and you have some very large usage days in the past 7 days that would cause FB to throttle further requests:


    I just don't know if this is the same account you are using to run the reports in the screenshots (if it's not, please send us the user ID the data sources were created by so I can check that one as well).

    For more information about quota issues see:

    Daily query quotas

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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