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Hi There

I am using Super Metrics Uploader to send Facebook Ad data to Google Analytics.

It's currently working well, however the Clicks data being sent to GA is "all clicks". So our Clicks, CTR, and CPC are being worked out from all clicks including engagement, not Website Clicks.

For example our Website CTR is 1%, but including engagement the CTR is 1.75%. So in GA it's not possible to report on these metrics - I still have to go to Facebook to report on these.

Is it possible to update the upload to remap Clicks to Website clicks so that we can report on data that doesn't include Facebook engagement data?

  • Hi Nicholas,

    To help me see if there is a way to do this, how are you currently getting the value for your website clicks in Facebook (A Pixel event? What field are you using in FB Business manager to check this value right now?)

    Generally-speaking there's no way to change what the Uploader uploads unless we change it at a code level (which means it will affect other users who don't want this), but maybe there's a way to use utm_ values to then filter out the ones you want in Google Analytics.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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