Impact on existing dashboards if Supermetrics user ID changed

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If I subscribe to Supermetrics under user ID, use this ID to build several dashboards in Google Data Studio using Supermetrics connectors and later on need to change the Supermetrics user ID to, is there any impact on the dashboards that I've built? Will all the connectors still work for the dashboards? If not, what do I have to do to enable no disruption in the dashboards that's built under the old Supermetrics ID?

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  • Hi Jeannie,

    The data studio license is set to a specific team that user accounts belong to. As long as the new user is added to your license team, they should be able to continue to use the dashboard and the license:

    Team Management for Data Studio

    The only other possible issue I can see is if the data sources you created with the original account are living in your own Drive and the new user may not have permissions to view or edit those directly. In that case, you need to either give the new user permissions to the data source files themselves (these are separate from the report file and use standard Drive access permissions) or have the new user create and attach their own copies of the data sources that are set to their account

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    Supermetrics team

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  • Great, thanks a lot for the comprehensive response, appreciate it :)

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