Google Sheets still unable to connect

Hello there,

We have recently purchased Supermetrics Pro for Google Sheets however my account is still unable to refresh the data with error message that I am still on a trial version. I understand that it will take a period of time for the account to link up however we have already waited a few hours and tried refreshing the data but to no avail.

Here is a screenshot showing that we have already assigned the product to my account:


And here's the error message:


I remember previously Ii had encounter this same issue with my Data Studio. Not too sure if this is the same problem for Google Sheets.

Hope you can assist


  • Hi Mervyn,

    I checked the license and the user ID is not the account shown in the errors. So it's assigned to the wrong user. (Note that you still need to change the User Ids via Account Management for Sheets licenses - this functionality is not properly connected yet in Team Management and leads to license issues).

    I corrected this on the license itself. Please refresh the account information in Sheets and try again:


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    Jessica Brock

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

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