Cannot get Tweet Likes

Hi all

I'm trying to pull out Tweet Likes from my Twitter Ads in supermetrics. 

The only metrics I can find is 'Tweet Likes' under promoted tweets which provides me a very different number from 'Likes' that I see in the twitter platform. 

It's also worth noting that this promoted tweet likes seems to be given me duplication for various ad placements.

Has anyone run into the same issue, and knows which metric will simply give me 'likes' as provided in the twitter platform?



  • Hi Dylan,

    The Twitter Ads connector only gets likes on promoted tweets used in a Ads context, it doesn't include non-ads tweet metrics (aka organic interactions). The Public Data Connector will get likes for an account, but the drawback is that this is a lifetime total for the tweet and it only pulls the X number of last tweets (you have no real control over the data range). An example pulling the last 10 tweets from our account:



    The part of the API that has the organic engagement metrics is enterprise access only and we currently don't have plans to implement this. So the public data way is the only way right now to get organic tweet likes.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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