Adobe Analytics request is not reliable since 26.02.18

Creating a Adobe Analytics request is not reliable since 26.02.18. Supermetrics interface does not work and is too slow. Do you ahve any recommendations to solve this issue?

  • Hi,

    We made a change on that day to the connector to improve performance (especially around custom fields), but the dev warned it may also lead to data refreshing issues. We do have some steps to try to force it to refresh, which should hopefully clear issues users are seeing since the change.

    For most users, logging out and back in should trip the account refresh. So please try that first.


    If you have done this and you still have issues, then you may need to manually force an account refresh by doing the following:
    1. Log into Team Management with your User ID.
    2. Go to the Product tab.
    3. Find your Supermetrics for Google Sheets license (or Data Studio if using that) in the list. Click Manage.
    4. image

    5. Click on the Refresh tab. Click the Refresh button.

    Then try to log back in to the Adobe Analytics connector.

    If after all that it still doesn't work right, then please give specific errors and descriptions of the unexpected behavior so I can escalate it to the dev for followup.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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