How can I use a supermatrix query for more than one sheet in a single google sheet?

I am not able to create an automatic data pulling in another sheet in the same google sheet. The problem is that in the new sheet it refers to the same old sheet, please look at the screenshot (the screenshot has been taken in sheet 2). 

  • Hi,

    when you see this happening, it means that you have selected a cell that has Supermetrics query generated data in it and you have clicked on "modify". If you wish to "copy" a new version of that query in to another tab, you'll need to select any of the cells with Supermetrics generated data, click on "Duplicate" on the sidebar, then go to the tab that you wish to create that "copy", select a cell where you want the data to start and click: "get data to table".

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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