Access Limitations for Data Studio Connectors

Hi Supermetrics,

I'd like to have you clarify what the $99/mo pays for.

My partner is concerned that the Pro plan means everyone who wants to view the dashboards that we create with Supermetrics, so every one of our clients, needs to be added to our team. Or to have their own subscription to Supermetrics.

How I understand it is that access is only limited to data sources. So that we only need a Supermetrics for DS Pro subscription for those team members who are connecting data when building the dashboards. Once the connector is set up and the dashboard built, client viewing the dashboards can access freely.

Am I understanding it right?

Thank you very much,


  • Hi Branko,

    You are correct. The only people that need access to the license are those who will be creating and editing data sources made from our connectors. Editing the report itself and viewing rights are part of the Data Studio permissions and aren't reflected in our license scheme.

    For example, you can create a report with a data source you made, and give me edit rights to the report. I can edit and add the report elements and add any connected data sources to the report elements, but I cannot add a new Supermetrics-based data source and I can't edit your Supermetrics data sources (can't add custom fields, change field settings, or change the accounts/authorizations being used). For those last actions I would need to be a member of your team with the license.

    Any one with viewing rights can see the report and adjust any interactive elements like date filters built into the report, but they cannot edit the report otherwise or the data sources. Viewing does not require being on the license or having a Supermetrics account.

    The limited data sources only applies to the Hobby (re: free) version. You can ignore that line for Pro and Super Pro licenses. The only missing connectors in Pro are Adobe Analytics, Adform, and DoubleClick. You have access to everything else.

    I hope this helps clarify. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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