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MailChimp: IllegalDimensionMetricCombinationException

No se han podido solicitar datos del conector de la comunidad. Si el problema persiste, informe al proveedor del conector.

Community connector error: Incompatible fields:  IllegalDimensionMetricCombinationException (Supermetrics request ID: BwsWYRWMX5U5bMlifAkDiRQShG7yZD8y). If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.

ID de error: 36bb94e9

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This message is coming straight from the data source and it means that you have selected metrics/dimensions (or a filter) with a combination that cannot be used in the same query. It may also be that you have a campaign or list or automation selected that is not compatible with these.

Please check if this works with a different list selection, else you can't use these together due to how the API works.

-Thank You

Supermetrics Team

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