AdWords Placements


When I try to get the "placement URL" dimension along with other Placement dimensions such as "placement status" or "is negative" I get the error "These dimensions can't be fetched together"

It looks impossible to be able to bring in AdWords display placements and whether they have been negatived/blocked or are still active - is there another way around this, or shouldn't those dimensions be able to be fetched together?



  • Hi Sam,

    these restrictions are coming from AdWords API and there's unfortunately nothing that we can do about it. I'd suggest testing "Placement status" along with "Placement destination URL" -which seems to be a possible combination.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Ah I've worked it out. Thanks for the suggestion, you pushed me in the right direction

    In case this helps anyone else, it's because 'domains' are blocked or are negatived, not 'Placement URLs' so this is why you can't pull in 'Placement URLs' with "placement status" or "is negative". 

    The 'domains' dimension will work though

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