Need help choosing between Google Sheets and Data Studio products

Hi there -- I just wanted some help choosing between your Google Sheets and Data Studio products.

I previously used Google Sheets to import data into GDS and it worked just fine. That being said, I wanted to understand the advantages of using your Data Studio tool instead.

For instance, is there an ability to merge data? Is it not vulnerable to the 2M cell limit in Google Sheets?

Let me know if I can clarify anything. Thank you!

  • Hi Therese,

    Here's a basic comparison of the products:

    Supermetrics for Data Studio Supermetrics for Google Sheets
    User limitations Unlimited users with one license One user per license (attached to one Google account)
    Access to multiple accounts per data source Limitations for Ad network data sources. (3, 20 or 100 account access depending on the chosen license level) Access to unlimited accounts in any data source
    Data refreshing Users manually click to refresh the data Can be set to automatically refresh daily, weekly, monthly or hourly (hourly refresh available only in Super Pro license)
    Data manipulation Possible to create only simple functions You can do anything that spreadsheets allow you to do
    Data blending Dedicated connector to combine data from multiple ad networks and Google Analytics Possible to get the data individually from different data sources and combine it with spreadsheet functions

    If you were already using Sheets before, then the biggest advantage is using the connectors in Data Studio to connect directly to those data sources and refresh in real-time, and being able to change queries on the fly in Data Studio without having the extra step of manipulating the sheet data first.

    The biggest downside is that if you need to do any data manipulation or merge sources, then Data Studio is very poor at this.

    We do have a special connector in Data Studio called "Ad Data + Google Analytics" that lets you blend cost and campaign data into a single report element from multiple sources, which helps get around the usual limitation that you can't combine multiple sources into 1 element. But it's also very focused on CPC and campaign overview so it doesn't have the full set of fields that the separate connectors has.

    It is not subject to the 2mil cell limit (as it doesn't have cells per se), but there is a functional limitations in Data Studio that make it so that queries that take more than 6 minutes aren't handled. So large data sets are still problematic, just in a different way.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions about this.

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