DCM Total Reach vs Impression Freq. Query Failing


I am trying to create a 'total reach' vs. 'impression frequency' report using DCM, however, my query continues failing, screenshot below. I have created these reports in the past using Supermetrics with no problem, so I am wondering why it now fails when I try creating these queries. Please help.



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  • Hi, Travis.

    Beginning the week of February 20, a number of reach report metrics in DCM are being renamed.

    Total Reach will be Cookie Reach: Total Reach

    changes in API

    I 've tried with the new dfa name , but still  not working.

    Hope the guys from Supermetrics will answer. I didn't fill another ticket, just answering to yours.


  • Hi Travis,

    I checked the DFA API metrics listing and that is indeed not present. I found that this week they started to roll out name changes and this was one of the them. The new name is dfa:cookieReachTotalReach (Cookie Reach: Total Reach).

    If you can't find that in the sidebar, you should be able go into the SupermetricsQueries Sheet (it may be hidden), go the the metrics column, and replace dfa:totalReach with the other value and then refresh. 

    I will escalate this to the development team to have them make sure the changes are in the sidebar

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • I've done this and it's not working.

  • Hi Mihaela,

    You will then need to wait for our developer to update our connector. They are aware from the prior request and are working on it.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Jessica, any updates on this topic? 

    Thanks, Arvid

  • Hi All,

    Sorry for the delays. The dev did make the changes in test last week but found that it broke a bunch of other stuff with our connector so he's working to repair those parts as well. Hopefully he'll be done with the fixing and retesting in the next few days and we can roll it out.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Jessica, Any updates on this case? From what I can see it still doesn´t work? 

    Thanks, Arvid

  • Hi Arvid,

    My apologies but we are still working on getting this fixed. The original dev working on it went on holiday before everything was completed so we have someone else on it, but it's not their speciality and it's taking more time for them to sort out all the breaks in our connector. 

    I would be happy to give compensation time to those affected by this as the wait time for resolution has been exceptionally long.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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  • Hi, any news on that? it's been 3 months since we cannot pull reach from DCM. We also have 2 threats (about DBM) that are waiting to be resolved since January. What is happening with you?

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  • Dear all, I sincerely apologize for the delay!

    I rolled back the changes a while ago since it broke some of the existing queries when the Reach Report metrics updated.

    Anyways I've deployed the changes and Reach metrics should work as expected. I've been mornitoring our system and seems fine.

    Yet again, let me know if you got any issue related to the connector.

    Thank you!

    Supermetrics Team