Tableau Server On Remote Desktop



We have deployed a tableau server on a Remote Desktop in an offline mode. Now when the business is trying to access the tableau they get a message that only 2 users can sign in at the same time.

We have more than 50 users who need to access the reports and more than 2-4 need to login simultaneously. What are the option we have.

As this is an offline mode deployment, can we give them some URL or anything else they can access the reports from.

Thank You

Honey Asin

  • Hi Honey,

    We don't manage Tableau issues so you might be better going to their support for further assistance if this is about Tableau access restrictions. If this is about our API tool, then please clarify how that fits into the issue you are having as that should only have a single user acting in the API call and shouldn't be affected by this.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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