SEMrush for data studio - No query that combines dimension: time vs Metric: Position


We have a subscription to the Google Data Studio connector pro package. I am trying to create a graph that displays the dimension: date against the metric: keyword position in data studio bar chart so we can compare the amount of keywords positioned 1-3, 4-10 and 11-20 against each month for a specific domain to show our clients SEO growth (see image attached below).

The problem is that no query combines this data. Would it be possible to construct this graph in Google Sheets and then importing it into Google Data Studio?

Has anybody know of any solutions?

Thank you.

  • Posting answer from other ticket, in case others are interested:

    The only report in SEMrush I found that had both the date and the rank was the "Domain overview history" one. But I don't think this was what you were looking for as its domain rank and not keyword rank. Here's the description though in the API just in case:


    The keyword reports do not return any date fields in our connector.

    If that is the case that you need the keyword reports but with dates, then there's no way to get that in a single connection from our Data Studio connector. You could do this then with the Google Sheets version if you can either use two queries to get the dates and the keywords OR manually add the dates. Then you can use the Google Sheets connector that Google offers for free with Data Studio to read the sheet (its in the top list of connectors in DS as "Google Sheets").

    -Supermetrics Team

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