Cross data from different ad networks

Dear team

I wonder whether Supermetrics for Data Studio can get data from different ad networks but not merge them together.

For example, can I make a table that have Google's cost, Facebook's cost, Goal achievement from Analytics and make a formula of Google's data and Facebook's data and Analytics data, something like (Google's cost + Facebook's cost) / Analytics's Goal achievement?

One more thing I want to ask that you have connection for multiple Adwords accouns and how about for Facebook accounts? 

Is it possible to pull data from multiple Facebook accounts with Supermetrics?

If Supermetrics tool now cannot do that, do you have plan to extend these functions?

Hope to hear you soon.

Best Regards,


  • Hi Vu,

    you can use our Ad Data + Google Analytics connector for this. It brings data in to same graph/table from multiple ad networks and connects it with Google Analytics data if you have set UTM's in to your advertising campaigns.

    And for your other question, yes it's possible to use several Facebook accounts at the same time as well, as long as you can access them all with the same FB login.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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