Data from Facebook ADS to Google Sheets

I have some questions:

1. Regarding Facebook ADS are there technical limits in times of type of downloadable data (e.g. Data about campaigns divided for websites and/or apps, number of Facebook ads account)? 

2. Regarding Supermetrics for Google Sheets (with Facebook Ads data source) are there technical limit in daily scheduled refresh?

Considering a Pro Account and scheduling of 1 query (daily refresh), how much ‘queries per day’ should be considered? Only 1 query or this count is different?

In your website there is wrote 1’000’000 max rows per query (pro account), what it’s mean?.

3. Could be possible generate a single google spreadsheets for each Facebook ADS campaign? (e.g. 5 Facebook ADS campaigns, 5 Spreadsheets, each spreadsheets with data from single Facebook ads campaign)



  • Hi Fabio,

    1. These kinds of queries are possible and there shouldn't be any restrictions on these at Facebooks API's.

    2. No matter how many lines of results you get with one query, it still counts as one query for us. Same goes to using multiple accounts/pages in the same query: it only counts as one. Limits for daily queries can be found from here:

    3. There are no limitations on how many Google Sheet files / queries in them can you make with one license.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team 

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