Optimizing the Google Data Studio "Facebook Insights" connector

I am using a facebook account with admin rights to about 150 other accounts. Using your "Facebook Insights" connector, I have been able to pull data into Google Data Studio easily. However, there seems to be some performance issues - pages load slowly and data refreshes take forever.

I have used some techniques to improve performance, like caching in Google Data Studio, and also disabling the fields that I won't need. These do not seem to help.

Is there any additional method to improve performance? Is there anything you can tell me about the way the connector pulls data that might give me some ideas for optimization?


  • Hi Melvyn,

    Seeing the amount of requests you are making to FB through our API usage tool (8K or more requests a day), my guess is that the performance problems are due to Facebook throttling you for going over their own request quota limits. The different types of limits they have are described there:


    I went into the logs to see if I could find which code it was but instead found a ton of authorization token has expired/you don't have permissions to this account errors from FB. So some of the behavior may be due to stale authentication as well. You should be able to fix those errors by logging back into the accounts you need to use:

    How do I Re-Authenticate a Connector?

    The more complicated the query, the more requests it takes to do - so using filters, lots of split by dimensions, long time ranges, and/or comparison date ranges can lead to additional burden. It sounds like you've already taken steps to simplify so I don't know what more you can do on that front. Would it be possible to slice accounts off into separate reports so you don't have to get data for 150 at once?

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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