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Criteo Integration

Is it possible to integrate Criteo into Supermetrics? Is Supermetrics able to fetch data from the Criteo Interface?

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Hello Fabian,

Greetings from Supermetrics! 

Thanks for your request & the integration is being implemented. Hoping to have a beta public release by the end of Q1. 


Kind regards,

Dawit Nida

Software Developer

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

Support forum:

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Has the beta for Criteo been released yet?

When should be the integration implemented?

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Is there any news from Criteo integration?


We've not launched the connector yet due to some task getting on the way. I'll update this thread when the connector is ready for public beta.

Sorry for the inconvenience we might have created. 

Kind regards,

Dawit Nida

Software Developer

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