FB Ads: Slightly Differences in data to facebook & not working filters

I'm currently setting up a report for FB Ads clients. Most of it is working correctly, but I have a few slight differences in the KPIs compared to the data Facebook shows me. For example the CTR (link) shows a 0,01% difference. Furthermore the CPC (link) shows a difference of 0,01€. 

The second problem is that the filters I set up aren't working correctly. I set up a filter for campaign names. If I activate it the metrics are going crazy. For example is Facebook showing me a CPM of 3,14€ and Google Data Studio says 5,70€ (with identical campaign name filters). 

Any suggestions? 樂

  • Hi Team.

    I have the same problem. i filtered my campaign. its no posible to show that kpis. 

    is just add (CTR, CPM, Frequency and reach)

    There is some solution ?


  • Hi Team

    Why is there difference facebook ads manager metrics and supermetrics?




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