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How can I use DFP Key Values in Supermetrics

The key values dimension does not seem to appear in the dimensions. 

I am a super pro user. 

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  • You should be able to pull in the dimension "Customised Criteria" and this will include your Key Values. However, when I pull in this dimension, my metrics are way off. I have submitted a ticket about this and haven't received any sort of solution at this point.

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  • I have the same issue. When I use "Customised Criteria" the metrics are not correct.
    Would anyone please solve this issue....>.< 

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  • Has anyone got a solution for this?  We use key-values extensively and being able to split out numbers in Supermetrics would be very useful.  I've also tried 'Customised Criteria' but the numbers that come back are huge.  I've also tried 'Targeting' as a filter but get API errors...

  • Please submit a ticket for this. I have a ticket on this topic that has been open for 4 months with very little help from the support team. The more tickets they get on this topic, the more likely they will devote resources towards fixing it.

  • Done!

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