Linkedin Ads refresh appears twice on spreadsheets


I am using the Linkedin Ads connector to google spreadsheet. When I refresh the report, the data is refreshed, but then copied to another place in the sheet, which overrides existing data. I have attached a screenshot as an example. 

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi DA,

    You probably have one or more queries overlapping the same space in the sheet.

    Please open the tab SupermetricsQueries (it may be hidden) and check the RangeAddress column to see if you have duplicate queries covering the same space in the sheet. Delete any duplicate rows or unneeded queries.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi and thanks for the follow up. 

    I thought that extra query was necessary for pulling the data. I did try to manipulate it but eventually doing the query again on a new sheet solved it. If it occurs again I'll report back. 

    Thank you

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