Can't conntect from twitter Public data


I can't fetch data from our Twitter account.
I've connected "twitter Public data" as data source but I have the following error

Community connector error: No account objects selected: (Supermetrics request ID: 1kCiysnlDMHMOkGGmLO7_AW34wTfLCn). If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.

ID de l'erreur : f52295db

Do I have to fill the query type form ?

Thanks for helping,


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  • Hi Pierre,

    thanks for the question.

    This error means you have not filled in the query type section, yes. Please choose the preferred query type and add the desired Twitter username in lowercase letters in all required fields.


    Supermetrics team

  • I have tried all sorts of queries to no avail.

  • Hi,

    please post a screenshot of the settings view in the connector, and we'll help figure out what seems to be wrong.

    Note that usernames need to be typed without the @ sign in front. Use only lowercase letters.

    Also, keywords need to be listed without #.


    Heidi / Supermetrics

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