SM not pulling 'Results' custom conversion data in Google Sheets

There was another thread referencing this same issue which was logged as solved but no clear 'solution' in the thread.

Basically my main Results column from FacebookAds isn't being pulled into Sheets using SM - have tried everything but the only column giving me anything is the Website conversions one but the number is much higher than the custom conversion (destination URL goal) is showing in the Results column on the interface. I've tried pulling every other possible metric to see but they're all blank.

Any ideas how this can be fixed?

  • Hi Chris,

    thanks for the question.

    Results in Facebook Ads are actually custom conversions, as mentioned, but showed as Key Results in FB. The Facebook API does not yet offer a "Results" endpoint, which means we can't fetch these with a simple request.

    Please try using a Filter "Conversion Specs contains YOUR_CUSTOM_CONVERSION_ID" - would that give you the desired result? It could likely also be fetched with "Action type (with custom conv. ids) contains YOUR_CUSTOM_CONVERSION_ID" but I suspect then you'll need to use Actions as the metric. Replace YOUR_CUSTOM_CONVERSION_ID with the numeric id you can find in FB Ads.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics team

  • Hi Heidi,

    Will applying this filter to a bigger data pull (impressions, clicks, spend etc) by month (in rows) just isolate the conversions for the conversion column but keep everything else (clicks, spend etc) the same as they would be without the filter?

    Many thx

  • I tried adding the filter but am now getting this error message:

    'Query failed: Found no data matching your filters'.

    Please can you take a look?

  • I've had a talk with our Facebook developer and here's the situation for now.

    Fetching the custom conversion data with our current Facebook Ads connector is quite sensitive, as Facebook API does not provide a particular endpoint for this data. The issue is known to us, and we're hoping to release an improved version of the connector soon. 

    At the moment the custom conversions need to be fetched with Actions as the only metric for the query, Action type as dimension and it needs to be filtered by Action type contains *YOUR_CUSTOM_CONVERSION_ID*. Replace *YOUR_CUSTOM_CONVERSION_ID* with the numeric id you see in Facebook. 

    Other queries can be added to the same sheet to fetch the rest of needed data for campaigns, and you could use a built in function (for example VLOOKUP) to collect a summary of all the campaign data into one view. 


    If you'd rather add the filter in written format in SupermetricsQueries sheet, Filters column, here it is:


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