My free trial with all features ins't complete


I've been already an user of Supermetrics for some years, but now I got a new job and want to keep using it. But, to convince my boss to pay the tool, I have to show what it can do. 

So, I asked for a free trial to show him. But when I roll my queries up, it don't get me full data. It is limiting my queries to just 50 posts, even when I ask for a long time rage (that has more than 500 posts). 

My query is about Facebook Insights, and my free version is Supermetrics for Google Sheets. The document I'm using is that one:

Can you help me?



  • Hi Marlon,

    Unfortunately the sheet is not set to give edit access so I cannot check the settings on the sheet. My guess is that either you have this setting set too low:


    Or you are getting hit by the known FB Insights issue with the original posts endpoint. There's now the option to enable the new endpoint that shows all post data - details about the issue and how to enable this are listed here:

    [FIXED] Facebook - Post level discrepancies

    -Thank You

    Supermetrics Team

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