Facebook Insights - Data Studio Data doesn't match


It may be my understanding of what the following metrics on Google Data Studio mean but they don't seem to add up with the data I see when I log into Facebook Insights itself:

Likes (I expected this to be the number of likes on posts during the time period I set)

Comments - Same as above but for comments

Shares - Same as above but for shares

Check-ins - Same as above but for shares

When I plot these metrics on a time series graph the shares will show as having 8 on day X when I know I only received 3 shares and the rest will all be similarly inaccurate

If anybody could help explain why that is I would be very grateful and also if there is a glossary of terms because I am not sure what some of the total terms mean.

Total likes is the total amount of likes my page has therefore I expected total page views to be the total amount my page has been viewed to date but it isn't. It also doesn't match up with the number of page views on my insights summary.

  • Hi,

    The problem is that the total values given by the API don't necessarily align with the values shown in the Insights page or on the posts/pages themselves if you don't know what the right field to use is. There's a bunch of similar names for these so its very easy to use the wrong one accident. 

    For example, the comments count shown on posts in the UI is only the top-level posts, it does not count replies to those comments. But the fields you can pull "Comments on post" and "Comments" does include those replies, which is why the value appears off. You then want "Top level comments" to get the value without those replies.

    For likes, the issue is total reactions. "Likes on post" is the actual like count. "Post Likes" and "Total post reactions" some combination of all reactions. 

    The best place to find out what each item means is to check the Facebook Graph API documentation itself. It has good descriptions of where the values come from and how they work. (Note that some fields are custom ones we calculate from FB data, so if it's not in the API and you don't know what it is, please ask!)


    -Thank you

    Supermetric Team

  • Hi, Please help! Facebook insights stopped pulling after I added the Instagram insights page. Instagram is pulling just fine.

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