different figures on different date ranges on GA

Hi, When I run GA report I get different figures when I run different date ranges (i.e.: range 1/12017-12/20/2017 gives me a different session count and transactions than 2/1/2017-2/7/2017 for that particular week. Is there anyway to run long date ranges and getting the same result ?



  • Hi Chris,

    It's probably coming down to sampling. There is an option to "avoid" sampling, but some very large or bulky queries still can be sampled despite this setting being enabled, and there's not a lot we can do about that.

    So if you don't have this enabled now, try this setting to see if that helps any:


    The option right above it can also be nice as it will say if it was sampled in the results. The "combine new results with old" can also sometimes help with this if the full time span for the query causes it to be sampled as you can pull smaller chunks of "historical data" to append to itself and then only run the query for the most recent set of data.

    I would also suggest to take a peek at this guide that deals with GA discrepancies, as there may be another explanation besides sampling and that can help you check for those:

    Discrepancies in Google Analytics results

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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