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Hubpsot integration

Is there an integration with Hubspot website analytics? I would love to pull our Hubspot data into Google Sheets.

  • Hi Aaron,

    Not yet, but it's coming! Hubspot is on our connector roadmap for the year, but its still in early planning so I don't yet have an estimate of when it might become available.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Great, thanks!

  • Hey, any idea when this will be rolled out????

    Many thanks

  • As 6 months have now passed....:)

  • Hi All,

    The connector has been in active development during the summer and we're hoping to have it ready early September if testing and such goes well. This isn't a hard release date so don't take it as such, delays can happen if the testing reveals other issues, but I'm hoping we will have this finally available very soon!

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Now it is End of October - Any news, when the connector for Hubspot will be available?

    Thank you in advance,


  • Any News for this connector?

  • I'm sorry to say that there's been a number of issue that came up in testing so it's still being worked on. We want to make sure it is stable for all kinda of users, so unfortunately we've had to keep delaying the release so we can keep improving it. As I don't know when all the issues will be worked out I cannot give a timeline for the release. Hopefully early 2019.

    -Thank you 

    Supermetrics Team

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