MailChimp timezone error? emails sent late the previous day not returned

Supermetrics add-on in Google Sheets

MailChimp connector

I am wondering if there has been an update recently that changed the way the connector handles timezones. I think my query is delineating day breaks by UTC rather than local time.

  1. I have a daily recurring MailChimp query running in the Google Sheets add-on that returns a list of emails sent during the previous 10 days (date, campaign name, subject line, total recipients, open rate, click rate). But one of my regular daily emails never shows up from the immediately previous day (the final day in the query). This email is always sent just after 6pm CST (UTC-06:00), which is just after 12AM the next day UTC. 
  2. I just requested data (same parameters) for the month of February (using the "custom date range" selector in the sidebar of the Google Sheets add-on - 2/1/2018-2/28/2018) and was returned all emails sent after 6pm on January 31 as well as emails in February.

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