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Login error with DoubleClick for Publishers

I tried to login for DoubleClick for Publishers but it says 'the Google account have not enabled for DFP". (Supermatrics tried to get an authority of DFP and I granted it)


- How can I login?

- Later I found my Supermatrics plan does not support DFP (I am using PRO)

  If this plan is the problem, I should be told something about plan, not DFP enable.

  (please refer to the error message I attached)

- If I change my plan to SUPER PRO, will I be able to access DFP?

Many thanks.

Hi 미디어디지털,

While you will need a Super Pro subscription to use the DoubleClick for Publishers connector, it should still allow you to authenticate with the trial version (even if expired). So the authentication issue also needs to be fixed.

Usually the error you saw means that the account you used does not have access to DFP. I would go back and recheck that this Google account really does have access and is connected to a valid DFP account. 

If you've verified the Google account has access to DFP and it still not letting you authenticate, then please check the workaround in this article as you may be getting hit by a known Google Account manager bug to see if that helps:

[FIXED] Authentication-, HTTP- or Script errors

-Thank You

Supermetrics Team


I have come across a similar issue. the link to the page you posted tells me that it doesn't exist.

Are you apple to urgently provide support?

Our apologies - the article had to be recreated since we originally replied. The new link is here:

Also see this guide - there's a note about a special setting in DFP to enable API access, and without that enabled our tool doesn't function properly:

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team

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