Linkedin: How to get company page engagement metrics?

In Google Data Studio I want to create an overview of the Linkedin engagement details per update on the company page. (impressions, clicks, CTR etc)

I use the Supermetrics connector 'LinkedIn company page' with the query 'Update details' but I only get likes, comments and updates. Are these the only metrics available or do I need another connector?

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  • Hi Alouette,

    we are restricted to what ever metrics the data sources have available and unfortunately in this case as well, impressions etc. cannot be fetched from LinkedIn.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • will this be available in the future? it feels ike it's a fundamental in measuring the success of the post

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  •  Hi it does look like this is available in the LinkedIn API, but we can't currently use it on Supermetrics.

    The "Share Statistics" API asks for the share post URN which then returns the impression/click data:

    Which includes an example GET call:


    Giving a sample response:

        "elements": [
                "organizationalEntity": "urn:li:organization:2414183",
                "share": "urn:li:share:1000000",
                "totalShareStatistics": {
                    "clickCount": 78,
                    "commentCount": 24,
                    "engagement": 0.022886324947985624,
                    "impressionCount": 5287,
                    "likeCount": 14,
                    "shareCount": 5
                "organizationalEntity": "urn:li:organization:2414183",
                "share": "urn:li:share:1000001",
                "totalShareStatistics": {
                    "clickCount": 1,
                    "commentCount": 0,
                    "engagement": 0.2,
                    "impressionCount": 5,
                    "likeCount": 0,
                    "shareCount": 0
        "paging": {
            "count": 10,
            "links": [],
            "start": 0

    Is there a way to pass in the post URN, or to simply retrieve all company page's posts?

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  • Hi

    Would it be possible to have this implemented? Anyone form the dev team looking into this?

    It's frustrating  we cannot use Supermetrics at its full potential!


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