Filters in Data Studio

I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem:

Using the Supermetrics Google Analytics connector for Google Data Studio, I created a data source made up of multiple GA properties. It was a simple time series chart where dimension is date, broken down by GA views, metrics is users. It looks fine until I add a filter control to it. Applying any filter only returns a few days worth of data, which is incorrect. For example, applying traffic source = google / organic only returns a few days worth of data such as screenshot below. But in GA those sites always have users data from organic google search. Any guidance please?

Thank you!

  • Hi Alice,

    Thanks for your message, and sorry for the issue.

    Please check your filter by for example fetching the Source / Medium values for the GA views into a table chart, to see the actual results.

    You can also try creating a new graph, or whole report - looks like something is jamming that graph.

    I tested the filter in our environment, and seems to be working:


    Best regards,

    Supermetrics team

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