Facebook Connecter Not Getting Facebook Ad Account

the connector is not pulling all the facebook ad accounts I have access to. What should I do? Need help asap. 

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  • Hi Kyle,

    I would try re-authenticating the connector to see if it's just a permissions issue. Instructions in below images:


    Copy the short URL and paste in another browser tab:


    In the new tab, add new account even if you see your account currently logged in.

    After authentication, please check the accounts/pages selected in your dropdown.
    Finally, reconnect to apply changes.


    If that does not help please let us know the following:

    *How many Ad accounts in total should you have access to?

    *How many are shown in the dropdown?

    *Does the authentication page show that more than 1 Facebook account is logged in?

    *If so, is that other account required to access all ad accounts?

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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