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    Thanks for your question. Yes, the template is working and available. The data sources are seen as "unknown" because they are not shared with you in the view mode, so only the owner of these sources can see the names. After you successfully create a Google Sheet with Facebook data, according to the article's instructions  just connect every tab of the sheet as an individual data source in Data Studio in the order they appear (Key stats by date, then Campaign breakdown, etc. ) and the template should work. 

    Supermetrics released native connectors for Google Data Studio, including Facebook Ads connector. If you want to make your reporting with this template easier, add Facebook Ads connector from Supermetrics connector gallery, then make a copy of this file and use your newly added Supermetrics connector as a data source. In case you need more details or see an error in any of the templates , please send an email to anna.shutko@supermetrics.com 

    -- Anna Shutko

  • Hi anna, thank you for your response.

    I'll try it again.

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