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List segments not appearing in mailchimp


The field segment for fields does not appear as an option. Is this normal or you just do not support this option?


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  • Hi Jonatan,

    I checked into this and while segments are in the MailChimp API, they are only handled as POST actions, not GET actions, so it doesn't appear to be fetch-able data for us from MailChimp.

    I also may be misunderstanding your ask - in that case, I would ask you to refer to the MailChimp API. If you find the metric or dimension this applies to, please link back where you found it and we can see if this can be implemented.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi, wanted to re-open this discussion as I would find it useful. 

    What I'm looking to report is the member counts of list segments. According to this API documentation, this is a GET action:

    Can this be added as a dimension?

  • Hi Nathan,

    We already put the feature request to add this in based on Jonatan's original ask. There's no timeline on it right now so I can't say when it will be done, but it is in our backlog.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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