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Domain shift leads to missing Pro Account

Hi everyone,

our Domain shiftet from to and so our Mail Adresses/Google Accounts.

Ive got a Pro Account with but ever since the domain change my Pro Account is lost and i get a 30 Day Trial Account with my "new" Account

Is someone able to change my Account to

Have a nice Day.


Hi Michael,

Please see this article about how to change your user ID on your license:

Can I change my User ID for Supermetrics?

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team

Hi Jessica,

thanks a lot for your advice.

Unfortunately there is no account management:


Underneath my new Mail Address is just nothing.

It seams that with the shift of our domain my Supermetrics Account was forced from to

Btw, without any demand.

However i was able to find a Link to the Management Page inside an old Your license is about to expire E-Mail. And the Link worked - my problem was solved. :)

Thank you very much and best regards from Germany.


Hi Michael,

Glad you were able to locate that email with the link and correct it. I will then mark this as resolved. Have a great weekend!

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team

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