Trial expired, user Team EMAIL for Supermetrics API

I have Super Pro account and I am getting the following error "Trial expired, user Team EMAIL for Supermetrics API" in executing my first API script

{"notes":{"status":"error","error":"Trial expired, user Team EMAIL for Supermetrics API"}}

How can I resolve the error in order to execute the API scripts?

7 people have this problem
  • Was this ever resolved?

  • I have the same problem when pulling Search Console data with Supermetrics API.

    At the same time spreadsheet add-on works fine (data source Search Console, same site).

    I'm using Pro version.

    How can I fix this error?

  • Same problem here. Any solution from the issue?

  • Same problem here. How can I fix this error?

  • same problem here!  My paypal automatically sent the payment, but my Facebook Google DataStudio connector stopped working.  Customer service keeps sending me the same link of instructions to follow.... which ironically don't work if you have an EXPIRED license.  THIS IS NOT GOOD!

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